FamousAnus (agsux) wrote in detroitsales,

CANTON: 'alternative' garage sale

There are A LOT of colorful clothes we're selling and body jewlery, some cds and other random toys and stuff. And if you like baggy pants we have a shit ton of older really unique styles [reversable, glow in the dark, etc.]. We REALLY need some younger cooler people to come because no old people want to buy our stuff :< we'll except really cheap offers for the clothes because we want to get rid of them, its all in good condition. any questions, please let me know!!!

some of the brands of clothes you'll see: macgear, hollister, illig, eckored, idependent, hot topic [boots/shoes], rockawear, fox, dickies, roos [shoes], replicant, misdemeanor

This is going on tomorrow [friday] and saturday... 10am-4pm [probably open a bit later friday]. Today wasn't much of a success because it was all elderly people trying to buy elderly things, we need some young blood to come!
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